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Experience a complimentary trial of Module 1 from our eleven-module Therapeutic Spiral Model course.


Module 1: Similarities And Differences: Classical & TSM Psychodrama.

Course: Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) Psychodrama: Theory & Practice with Trauma. How TSM Works? Foundations and Expansions.


Embark on a transformative TSM journey guided by Dr. Kate Hudgins, PhD, TEP. This video module presents TSM Psychodrama, which employs role theory to identify the necessary roles for working with trauma survivors in a safe and contained manner. The module also introduces the concept of the Autonomous Healing Center (AHC) and offers an experiential exploration to stimulate spontaneity and creativity.

What's Inside Module 1:

• Define the similarities and differences of classical and TSM psychodrama
• Describe the adapted Hollander curve for TSM
• Establish the role of Autonomous Healing Center (AHC)​

Module Includes:

  • 33 minutes videos

  • 87 minutes handouts

  • Certificate of completion (applicable for professional psychodrama certification)

Introduction to TSM:

  • TSM is a method developed by Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., and Francesca Toscani, M.Ed., TEP, effectively addressing trauma and PTSD through a combination of classical psychodrama, attachment theory, and insights from interpersonal neurobiology and trauma theory.

  • Utilizing role theory, TSM provides a secure and structured environment for trauma survivors, aiming to minimize the risk of triggering unprocessed trauma material and complications such as flashbacks and decompensation.

  • The Autonomous Healing Center (AHC), introduced in the TSM module, offers a distinctive framework for trauma treatment, emphasizing experiential exploration to stimulate spontaneity and creativity within a secure therapeutic environment.

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Similarities and Differences. Classical and TSM Psychodrama with Dr. K.Hudgins and L.Ciotola

Similarities and Differences. Classical and TSM Psychodrama with Dr. K.Hudgins and L.Ciotola

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Take advantage of this special opportunity to delve into the Therapeutic Spiral Model. Try out the FREE Module trial to experience it firsthand and decide if you want to invest in the full course, putting this powerful method at your fingertips.

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This module introduces the TSM, its advantages, and equips with valuable Psychodrama & Action Methods techniques.

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