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Discover Module 5:

"Save or Delete: Sorting Through Inner Messages"

Course: Rebels with a Cause – Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in working with adolescents? Dive into Module 5 of our course, "Rebels with a Cause," led by Mario Cossa, RDT/MT, TEP, TSM trainer, and explore the dynamic world of adolescent development.

What's Inside Module 5:

  • This module is an integral part of our comprehensive course, designed for professionals from various fields who work with adolescents, including subgroups within this age category.

  • We cover the entire spectrum of adolescent work within this course, addressing the beginning, middle, and end phases of group dynamics.

  • Gain deep insights into the development stages of adolescents, including the distinctive characteristics of four different sub-age groups.

  • Explore the unique challenges faced by adolescents, from age-related differences to common issues like class management and engagement.

Sorting Through Inner Messages:

  • Uncover the power of internal messages that we all carry within us – messages that can either empower or hinder our growth.

  • Learn how to effectively sort through these internal messages, both for adolescents themselves and for professionals working with them.

  • Engage in transformative experience with a group of three students - video participants, including a therapist, business owner, and business consultant.

  • Experience the role-playing dynamic, where you step into the shoes of adolescents and address their unique challenges and concerns.


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This module is your gateway to understanding and effectively working with adolescents, equipping you with valuable insights and actionable techniques.

Save or Delete: Sorting Through Inner Messages with M. Cossa

Save or Delete: Sorting Through Inner Messages with M. Cossa

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