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Problems and solutions



AEE courses solution


I don’t feel confident working with
children or adolescents. I want to connect
with my students

You’ll feel more professional and confident with our courses on children and adolescents


I don’t know how to build interest in a
topic. Students don’t like my class. I wish I
had better tools to teach and inspire my

How to build interest in the topic
with Action Methods (AM for education

Problems with classroom management,
conflicts, trust issues. I want to feel
confident and in control in the classroom

You’ll be confident managing conflicts,
classroom management with these courses:
Role Reversal, Doubling, Adolescents, AM
for education courses


I have conflicts with parents, peers, my

Learn the conflict resolution tools from the
Role training course


I don’t know how to work with the groups,
I need to learn about group dynamics

Courses on group work. (Group work)


I would like to be a more effective

Courses on Supervision and Role training


I need an interactive professional
community, to ask professional and
personal questions and discuss them

We are working on creating an effective
online space (not a Facebook group) for
professional community. While we are
testing it, let us know that you want it
(contact us)


There is not enough quality, short-term
education in my country. I would love to
go to the US or Europe and take the
training from…

AEE provides the best opportunity to learn
from the top Internationally recognized
trainers. Choose from the list of trainers.
Pick up the topic (courses). We have country
band pricing. If it is not specified in the
course description, contact us for your
country band price. If you speak a language
other than English contact us on translating
the course for your country by being an
International Representative

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