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Problems and solutions



AEE courses solution


Need a marketing approach that attracts
more clients

Marketing based on showing the client you
understand their problem. To learn how to
understand the problem check out courses
on Doubling and Role Reversal. We are
working on upcoming Marketing courses


Not enough time to sell the client in the
first session. I would like to get working
techniques that can have productive results
in 10-30 minutes

Quick tools that work effectively


Quickly changing reality. We speak with
the client regarding one decision/solution.
The next session she comes with a
completely different idea/solution

It is the reality of our day. It is hard to find a
stable approach that would work for a
month or a year. Things are fluid and
change every day. Doubling and Role
with the client helps to understand
and be in the same boat at the same


I’m long-term coach, to have good result I
need to have planned long term sessions
series. I want to learn how to make it
possible satisfying for client in one

Establishing contract for each session, we
are working on the course on creating a
contract. Most of the courses with
Demonstrations have a part with creating
the contract


I don’t understand why my clients leave

Doubling and Role Reversal courses can
help make a real connection with your


The sessions are dull, I would like to make
them more dynamic and interesting for my

Bringing Doubling, Role Reversal,
Strengths will create a more dynamic and
interesting session


Hard for me to create a clear session/work
activity contract with the client

We are working on doing a special course
on creating session contracts. Most of the
contain a Demonstration that
include creating session contracts


My client brought to the session
unexpected question/problem. I don’t
know how to work with it

The steps might be:
a) Doubling for a client.
B) Creating a session contract (you can see
how to create the contract in most of the

C) Previous steps clarify for you how to


Describing target audience, sales funnels
takes forever. How can I do it faster and
more effectively?

It can be done in one session. With
Doubling and Role Reversal. Role Reverse
your client with their target audience and
interview them on all the questions


I usually work with the problems of my
clients. How do I work with the strengths
of my client?

Courses on Recourses and Strengths


I want to raise our fees. I’m afraid my
clients will cancel

To feel confident in the role of Raising the
Fees take the Role training course


I don’t know how to close up the work
individually or with a group

A great module on Post Traumatic Growth.
It shows how to summarize long-term work


How to work with groups of people in an
organization. With the whole organization
or departments

Effective for work in groups in
organizations: Movie therapy in
Organization, Doubling, Role Reversal,
Role training and Sociodrama


I would like to learn effective “Conflict
Resolutions in Organization” techniques

Sociometry is great in conflicts in groups.
Check out: Sociometry (Scott), Action
Methods for Education


I would like to learn effective tools for
group and individual supervision

Action Methods is the best in Supervision


I need an interactive professional
community, to ask professional and
personal questions and discuss them

We are working on creating an effective
online space (not Facebook group) for
professional community. While we are
testing it, let us know you want it (contact us)

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