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Problems and solutions



AEE courses solution


Low time allotted for counseling due to
insurance restriction, patient’s finances etc.
Most methods imply at least ten, one-hour
sessions. I only have 1 session of 50 min. How
to demonstrate effectiveness in this short
session? How to raise the patient’s motivation,
so they do all their best to return into

Action Methods work effectively and show
results from the first session. Patients are
impressed and excited to see how much can
be done in just 10-20 min. See the Quick
courses category and the Full Course
list and choose the course
that fits your


I don’t feel confident working with trauma,
adolescents, couples, individuals, resistance
etc. and need more practical skills

Get confident right now, take the course on
the topic you need and get practical skills
right away


I lose clients after the first session. I’m not
effectively communicating and connecting
with the client on our future work

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder
than words”. Just make the connection and
show the future in real work. Patient feel
the results from the first session, patients
are impressed and excited to see how much
can be done in just 10-20 min.. See the
Quick tools courses category list of courses
and full list and chose the course that fit
your needs


My patient requests to work with their
problem now and I need to refresh/renew/learn
how to work with this topic quickly. I don’t
have time to wait until an in-person or an
online workshop

Learn it right now and use it right away


I’ve worked with this client on all possible
talking methods, and there is not enough
progress, I want to try something different

Something different List of courses


I’ve read how to work with certain problems
extensively and I still am not sure how to work
practically. Show me, I want to see examples
of the work

Here is the list of Course categories, each
course demonstrates precisely how to deal
with problems


I need psychodrama hours for certification

Our hours are accepted by ABE, please
make sure your primary trainer approves
them. If you are going to get certified with
your Country’s Licensing agency, please
contact us to verify if these hours can be


I need CEs for my license

Each course has a different status on CE’s.
We typically keep it in the course
description, though if you don’t find the
info on course you’re interested in, please
contact us


I can’t afford to pay for in-person/online

 workshop. I can’t wait for a workshop

Click here (benefits) to see how much time and money you save taking our courses.


I’m burning out, I need to have more fun in
my work

Incorporating Action Methods and
developing the skills is a fun process and
refreshes your work. Start it right now


I got triggered at my work. I know that I need
supervision and therapy, and I want to learn
more on the topic prior to that

Learn more right now on the issue (list of


I have problems/conflict with my boss/peers

Learn from the Role Training course and

solve it with Action Methods


There is not enough quality, short-term
education in my country. I would love to go to
the US or Europe and take the training from…

AEE provides the best opportunity to learn
from the top Internationally recognized
trainers. Choose from the list of trainers.
Pick up the topic (courses). We have
country band pricing. If it is not specified in
the course description, contact us for your
country band price. If you speak a language
other than English contact us on translating
the course for your country by being an
International Representative


I want to start my private practice and use
Action Methods and don’t know how. How to
market and make it thrive?

-With Action Methods you have a much
more visible presence on Social Media.
-Enhance your private practice by being our
International Representative and earn more
- Ask Anna about Market and Thrive and
coaching you. (contact us)
- We are working on special marketing


I want to get more clients for cash and work
without insurance companies

Marketing-Marketing. Talk to Anna on that
(contact us)
. We are working on special


I need an interactive professional community,
to ask professional and personal questions and discuss them quickly

We are working on creating an effective
online space (not a Facebook group) for professional community. While we are
testing it, let us know that you want it
(contact us)


I use talking methods in the Substance
Use/Behavioral Addictions field, want to learn
Action Methods

These are the courses that cover the topic
(Trauma, addiction, eating disorders)


I would like to be a more effective supervisor

Learn supervision (supervision category)
with Action Methods. We are working on
more courses on the topic

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