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Action Explorations Education

Psychodrama and Action Methods (AM)* in video format on One and Only platform in the World.

For: mental health professionals, educators, coaches.

The most effective way to learn Psychodrama and AM is to combine live training and video courses in ratio 60% to 40%. Video courses offer the advantage of learning and immediate application by revisiting important moments as many times as needed to be able to use it professionally**.

*Psychodrama & Action Methods (AM) are highly quick and effective in mental health, education, and life/business coaching when compared to traditional talking methods. The essence is action vs talking. Why is action better than talking? Through action you can experience the change, live through and deepen the experience, making it a faster and more impactful approach to understand, rather than simply talking about it.

**While in-person events offer a comprehensive understanding and firsthand experience of the method, they do not allow immediate application of techniques. This is why we created video courses, that let you learn the method/technique and utilize it in your professional/personal practice right away. How? By providing the flexibility to watch and revisit crucial moments as needed. With this approach, you can watch a module (workshop) and quickly apply the techniques/methods in real-world scenarios.

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