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Professional Psychodrama  & Action Methods (AM) Video Courses

Premier E-Learning Platform for Psychodrama & AM in Video Format

Welcome to the leading e-learning video courses platform, dedicated to Psychodrama & AM,  curated by top international trainers

What is Psychodrama & Action Methods (AM)?

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Psychodrama and (AM) offer a revolutionary approach to mental health, education, and coaching. 

Unlike traditional talk therapies, they focus on action and strengths as the catalysts for change vs talking and pathologies


Because action allows you to experience and internalize change, making it a faster and more impactful way to understand and grow

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Offer a comprehensive exploration of didactic, and practical applications of the methods

 > 1000 courses sold

Created for mental health pros, educators, and coaches

Teach integrating psychodrama & AM into your practice

Professional Certification & Continuum Education (CEs)

We offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge, and earn certificates that hold professional recognition

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Psychodrama Professional Certification Training Hours:

ABE requires 680 hours and 120 can be distance learning

Our hours categorized as asynchronous distance learning

Experiential Training Hours with International Recognition


Our TEP trainers provide experiential training hours accepted by the International Society of Experiential Professionals (ISEP)

CE Hours for Social Workers, Therapists, & Counselors


Get Continuing Education (CE) hours, approved by American Psychological Association (APA)

Why Is It Right For You? 

Discover Exciting Psychodrama Frontiers with AEE Video Courses

Do you have an unwavering passion for the Psychodrama method and yearn for fresh, engaging content? There's no need to wait for your desired workshop, worry about the financial aspect, or struggle to memorize every step your trainer performed. With AEE, you can start your journey right now, with costs as low as 1/10th of in-person training. Our courses offer immediate access to innovative and inspiring techniques. Dive into a world of learning and application with AEE and reignite your passion for Psychodrama.

Elevate Your Professional Journey with Affordable Excellence

Are you on a quest to earn Continuing Education (CE) hours and achieve professional psychodrama certification without depleting your finances? AEE provides the solution. Our video courses offer top-notch training that is efficient, cost-effective, and convenient. While in-person workshops may require extensive planning and a considerable wait time, our video format empowers you to comprehensively grasp and apply the technique in a single course. Experience the same quality as in traditional workshops at a fraction of the cost, priced between just $50-100 per module. Empower your career with accessible excellence.

Transform Challenges into Triumphs with Immediate Application

Are you a seasoned professional seeking effective methods to address specific issues you encounter with your clients? AEE is your strategic ally. Our specialized courses provide you with targeted techniques, enabling you to address complex client issues promptly. Harness the full potential of Psychodrama affordably and unlock your problem-solving potential with AEE. Don't wait; explore new horizons now.

Start Your Psychodrama Education Journey Affordably and Confidently

Are you new to the world of Action Methods and eager to collect professional hours while expanding your expertise? Welcome to AEE, where we cater to beginners like you. We understand your concerns about time, finances, and the uncertainty of committing to in-person training. Our beginner-friendly courses offer a cost-effective introduction to Psychodrama. Start your journey with confidence, knowing that AEE promises a fulfilling career and personal growth path ahead.


Unlock the potential of psychodrama and AM for your career